Saturday, 28 March 2015

Seed sowing

And they're off and running. First out of the trap is Purple Carrots, followed closely by Cherry Tomatoes. Whilst in the floral colours, Nasturtiums takes an early lead from Sweet Peas. Cornflowers seems to have fallen asleep and Campanula Bell makes a solid start.

But wait, here is a surprising move by Pak Choi, whilst Purple Cauliflower is still plodding along at the rear. The surprising winner here is Ginger with Peach being a rank outsider.

You can see all today's racing action right here...

Waiting in the wings for warmer weather are the beans of various sorts. But at least the Daffs have made an appearance to cheer on the newbies.

Meanwhile outside, it's time for the old compost bin to be emptied and sieved.

The compost has done a good job breaking down. Not perfect, because I never turned the pile. There are still lots of stalks from where I trimmed the vines. But those will all go onto the new compost pile. But there are loads of worms, and even more wood lice in there. They're going to have to find a new home.